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We blend tradition, elegance and passion into a unique high-quality leather creation with respect for people and the environment.

Our Values

Comme Quatre, a slow fashion label that radiates solidarity. 

Linking Belgium and Morocco. 

Between fashion and morality. 

Or just between people.


We believe in the power of community. People are the driving force and the reason why we centre our values around respect, passion, sustainability and commitment. It is our connection to each other that makes our collection worthwhile.

about us


We strive for a minimum impact on nature and a maximum (positive) impact on people.

Cowhide and leather are the common thread throughout our collection. One by one, hides that are normally just thrown away. We select the most beautiful ones and transform them into a new and especially more beautiful product to love, appreciate and cherish. Upcycling it is. 


We are working on something special. On a product, each and every one unique. With a passion for craftsmanship, for fashion and for an authentic way of living. 

Comme Quatre craftsmen in workshop Morocco. Artisans handmade bags & accessories in 100% recycled cowhide and leather. Ethically made and ecologically tanned hide and leather.

With their age-old know-how, their sense of innovation, their respect for tradition and technical curiosity, Miloud, Fatima, Mbark, Belaid and Hafida make their typical Moroccan craft bubble with passion. 


We design to last. That means investing in high-quality materials and craftsmanship. But also designing with simplicity and timeless functionality in mind. 


One brand new handbag. The other has been used intensively for five years. Can you see the difference? 
Hardly. A Comme Quatre product is made to last. What's more, the cowhide and leather only becomes more beautiful the longer you use it.


We don't just make a beautiful and unique product, we make a difference.


All our products are made in our own workshop in Alma, Morocco. A healthy working environment and fair wages for the people who work there is a must, not a plus. In this way, we support the local economy and improve the living conditions of local craftsmen, their families ... and even the entire local community. 
Together with the Rotary Club Agadir Taghazout Bay, we give vulnerable young people a fair start in life. In the Dar Taleb boarding school in neighbouring Aourir, boys are now receiving free accommodation, food and support in their learning process. Girls should also be given this opportunity. That is what we are working on now. Do you want to contribute to their future? Go to

Our Team

our team

Miloud, chief workshop

"Working with natural products is what I have done all my life. More than 15 years have I been working in this atelier. I am in charge of overseeing the production process, creation of the malls, cutting the hides and leather, and the final inspection of the finished goods."

Fatima, artisan

"I am the youngest of our team and still in 'training', learning how to prepare the different components of our products for the knitting team. I love the fact that we start with a cowhide and finish with a bag or accessory which will be cherished by someone for many years. "

Mbark, artisan

"I have been working in this workshop for more than 15 years. I am mainly in charge of the different knitting machines which we use on leather, cowhide and tissues. I love this variation in my job, and like the fact that we can participate in the creation process of the products."

Belaid, artisan

"I have been working for more than 10 years in this workshop, but I have been in the fashion industry all my life. I am in charge of assembling the products. I like the interaction between the craftmen and the fact we actively participate in the design and creation process "

Hafida, artisan

"I am assisting Mbark and Belaid in the preparation of the different parts they need to assemble, in between the different stages of the production, I implement the zippers and closures. I like the fact we create beautiful products."


our packaging

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our products

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